Building Regulation 

We offer a professional service designed to help you throughout your project from the initial design through to completion. 

With a comprehensive knowledge of legal requirements and construction, we can provide specialist advice on all aspects of regulation that impact on your project including structural design, fire safety, sustainability and access for people with disabilities.

We can advise you on whether your project will need an application and we can arrange a pre-application meeting to help the design process.


There are two different application types:

  • Full Plans Application

  • Building Notice Application

What is a full plans application?

A full plans application (sometimes called notification) is when you submit full design details of the proposed building work for approval. These details will be checked and we'll advise you of any necessary changes needed.

When we're happy with the design, we will issue an approval which may have conditions attached. Our surveyor will then inspect the works at various stages during construction.


What is a building notice application?

A building notice application (sometimes called notification) is an application describing the works to be carried out but without the detailed plans. The notice should be accompanied by a location plan and the relevant fee.

Additional design information may be requested by the surveyor but any information provided with the notice will not be checked in advance and no plan approval will be issued. You can start work 48 hours after the application has been accepted. Our surveyors will visit the site at various stages during construction to ensure work complies with the regulations.